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Elemental Journeys

Journey work is a wonderful way to gain insight to a specific issue or to a specific question that you may have. While participating in our series of journeys, many of you will find your soul’s true path; many of you will find insight and ways of restoring the earth’s health and vitality; many of you will find yourself in the process. In every way, we have come to this earth to live the most abundant of lives. The earth sees to that through the food, water and air that she gifts to us. As a healer, one of our most treasured gifts is to be able to give back to the earth, and all who live here, our complete respect by the way that we live our lives. Whatever it is that you are searching for will become evident through this series, and will allow you to become a stronger, more self-confident YOU!

One of this year’s offering will be a series of four guided journeys that entail the elements: earth, water, air and fire. These journeys, for example, help you to open the portals of your mind and your soul so that you are able to remember who you really are and what your soul’s life purpose might be.

These journeys will show us that we ARE all elements… that is what we are made up of and this is what connects us as a nation… as a community… as a family. We will gain deep insight to many levels of our beings as we connect more deeply to these elementals.

This work will link us more fully with the earth so that we are better able to respect what it offers to us. You will be reminded to appreciate the land that we walk upon for it gifts… the food that we eat, the wood and stone that we build our homes with; it gifts to us its beauty in so many ways.

We will learn to appreciate our waterways and the air that we breathe for without them, we would be unable to sustain our lives. We will ask ourselves what we can do as stewards of the land to rebuild what so many of us take away from it.

We will come to value the element of fire… Everything on this planet exists with fire. Without it, we would not survive. Wherever life exists, fire also exists… from the heart of the planet to the heart of the human being. We will look at how this element needs to be respected for its beauty and power. 

Through this work, you will find your own true self… possibly the one you have been hiding from all of your life!

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