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What my students/clients say is extremely important to my business. Without their satisfaction, I would not have a business. That’s why Living the Dream is so invested in making sure that people are happy with the healing services and content of the workshops that I offer. Take a look at what my past clients have said about their experiences working with me and schedule your appointment today.

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I just wanted to reach out and let you know how much the weekend retreat impacted me.

I "purged" so many things I was holding onto, after returning home Sunday. I have used many of the techniques you taught throughout this week and I am AMAZED of the results. Being able to clear my mind of past experiences and open my mind up to the strength within - I have accomplished some pretty awesome things in the last few days.

Thank you so much for sharing your practices. I know this was exactly what I needed and looking for in order to fully "heal". This workshop changed my life!


Hands in heart

Totally unique won't find anything else like this in the Midwest! This is therapy on a spiritual level. At first I worried about the legitimacy of Debbie's methodology (no hokus pokus, please) and was very pleasantly surprised at the professionalism and knowledge that she utilizes. I can't say that I've ever had a therapist/counselor/psychiatrist get down to the heart of my issues in such a gentle and comforting way. Not only are you able to recognize and address the cracks within you, healing is offered! Hope is offered. A way to start again. Debbie serves as a guide to all of these things. Any description that I could offer would fall far short; you must experience this for yourself!

Catherine E.

Healing Stones

Debbie is a powerful channel for healing. She relies totally on Spirit to guide her Shamanic work, and trusts implicitly where Spirit leads her. Her integrity, clarity, and commitment to her work have allowed her to impact many lives. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who is ready to take the next step on their journey to health, wholeness, and self-discovery.

Sandy Brennan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Med., MSW, LISW

Trio of Candles

To say that Debbie changed my life would be the greatest understatement of all time. Her compassionate commitment to guide me in recognizing, understanding, and engaging in the world, my business, and my family/friends in a completely alternate way of thinking has helped me break free from negative patterns that I have struggled with for 50 years. I truly believe she helped me save my life. I am forever indebted to her and her wisdom and will be in her life forever. My husband thinks that she is a certified miracle worker!

Dina C.

Girl in the Woods

Debbie held an all weekend class in Delphi, Indiana called "Shedding Your Past". Although a bit skeptical and a little nervous, I decided to attend her class to see what this was all about. Through Debbie's experience as a Shaman and energy healer, she was able to make her clients feel safe, secure, and comfortable. This particular class was about getting rid of old thoughts and feelings about unworthiness, not being good enough, not deserving the best, and she taught us how to stand in our own power. I urge people to be a part of her teachings.

Tammy, New Hampshire

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I have been involved in Debbie's teachings and healings for several years. She has truly changed my life. Debbie has the ability to calm people when they are scared or uncomfortable. Debbie can explain all of her knowledge in a clear way so you can understand. She is professional, respectful, thoughtful, and caring in all she does and in all she gives. I would highly recommend attending one of Debbie's classes.


Wild Flowers

 I met Debbie a few years ago, I was not a happy person and I was going through a lot of pain and it was all catching up to me. This woman helped the weight be lifted off of me. I am not going to say that her sessions were "easy", but, if you are ready to change, I recommend Debbie! I have met with her one on one and have also done the phone consultations. Both went well!

Nichole H.W.

Clear Water Lake

I wanted to attend this retreat (Clearing Toxic Emotions) to help learn how emotions affect my everyday life and how I can work through any emotion that isn't serving me. I learned how to do this and many more things at this retreat. This class has many takeaways and in the last couple weeks since attending, I have been able to notice changes and am very grateful for the teachings Debbie provided for this retreat. All of the changes are positive and have helped me work through difficult family issues and enhance my quality of life. These are teachings that will help you for a lifetime and are not something you can learn in a book. Thank you Debbie for the great lessons we learned and taking the time to produce such a quality retreat.

Nicholle V.

Image by Christian Seeling

I attended one of Debbie's classes on Clearing Your Toxic Emotions. This class was a bit heavy on the emotions, but proved to be very healing. Debbie took us on a journey to our past where I personally discovered many similarities of how I am today because of the life I lived many years ago. We learned how to protect ourselves from people who can harm us emotionally or just make us feel uncomfortable. We were able to reach out to three of our ancestors and speak to them, asking them questions to unanswered questions you have been wondering about your entire life. To get these answers was moving, endearing, painful, happy, and, for some, sad. But somehow, it brought closure and a sense of peacefulness inside.

D. Dagavarian

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