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Embracing Energy Medicine

When one embraces this form of energy medicine, you will begin a journey of healing and that you will eventually understand that you have always been seeking. In the end, you come to know your authentic self, and this realignment of body and soul resolves much of your original health crises and enables you to change your life!

What is Energy Healing?: Beliefs

What is an Energy Healer?

We are guided by the natural rhythms of the Earth….we are visionaries. We practice non-judgement of self and others; we allow things to be what they are and not what we think they should be.

It means that we are highly trained in finding a person’s energetic/ psychological/physical or emotional blocks. By working with a variety of the ‘tools’ I have been trained with, you can begin to create the world you desire where you stand in your own power and are no longer impacted by undesirable forces such as the behavior of others. This form of energy work is a perfect balance of an ancient healing modality coupled with scientific practices of the western world.

We re-balance your energy system and help you to create a life map of where you wish to move toward. This gives you the opportunity to change or shift your life at any time that you feel your present situation is not working for you. We will look at all possibilities and work toward the life of YOUR dreams.

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What is Energy Healing?: About
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Why Go To An Energy Healer?

There are a myriad of reasons one may choose … and I could list them out one at a time… the list would be endless. The bottom line is this: this healing practice is for EVERYONE! So long as you are searching for a better life, more love, a healthier/stronger body, financial security, a job or career that best suits you, the ability to overcome obstacles (depression, anxiety, etc., etc.), this work is for YOU!

What is Energy Healing?: About
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Is Energy Healing Right for You?

  • Do you ever feel like certain people are pushing your buttons?

  • Do you ever feel like you are attracting the same type of unhealthy people and/or situation(s) over and over again (the same type of partner, the same type of friend, the same type of employer/employee, etc.)?

  • Are you always “reacting” toward life situations rather than just allowing life to be what it is?

  • Do you find that no matter how many life changes you make that your situation ends up looking and feeling the same as ‘the last time’?

  • Do you think that it is impossible to reach your optimum level of health?

  • Do you want to find that place of health and well-being? That perfect person/life situation/career?

Would you like to:

  • free yourself from guilt, anxiety, fear?

  • release from your limiting beliefs?

  • stay true to your inner beliefs and begin to speak your truth?

  • find your true self?

  • awaken your passion and purpose?

  • bring balance into your life?

  • become more successful in all that you do, say and feel?

  • create a more harmonious life – one that is filled with love, health, joy, abundance and fulfillment?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the questions above, this form of energy work can help you. Holding my MASTER's Level Certification in Energy Healing, I have been expertly trained in how to locate the heavy energies inside of you so that they may be eliminated. Extensive training and over 25 years of experience have allowed me to assist hundreds of individuals in removing these energetic blocks, opening the door for them to move into the life that they’ve always dreamed of living.

All sessions are confidential and run from 1 to 1 ½ hours


FREE complimentary strategy session offered when booking your first private healing session. 

What is Energy Healing?: Welcome
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